Research shows that more visitors are looking for authentic experiences and want to engage with local communities as well as or instead of, being passive consumers of cultural experiences in destinations. This is no different in Northern Ireland and the craft sector is a growing part of this experiential tourism offer.

The indigenous craft sector provides a base for creative and cultural tourism development which is culturally authentic. The 400+ craft producers in Northern Ireland represent a dynamic, highly skilled sector of the economy, who can expand their market while adding to the tourism product.

In collaboration with NITB, local authorities, the cultural sector and other providers, the craft industry has been developing its inteface with visitors.

NITB has supported Craft NI in its development of August Craft Month. A month long series of craft exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, open studios and retail opportunities involves over 60 venues and numerous craft designers collaborating together under Craft NI’s careful co-ordination.

The standard of indigenous craft produced in Northern Ireland has enabled NITB to support two craft producers and one artisan food producer to become participants in the international Économusée programme. This initiative aims to bring the visitor market in direct contact with indigenous crafts where they take place. More information on Northern Ireland’s Économusée participants here;

If you require further information, please contact Elaine Groves, Culture & Heritage Tourism Officer:
Tel: 028 9044 1588

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