Our time, Our place story

The ni2012: Our Time, Our Place story

2012 and 2013 combined were identified as “tipping points” for tourism in Northern Ireland. The ni2012: our time, our place initiative was designed to send out a message that Northern Ireland had changed, that we were confidently moving on.
This unique set of circumstances provided an opportunity to:
• increase tourism
• change global perceptions
• foster and build civic pride
• provide a platform to reposition Northern Ireland not only as a positive place to visit, but as a great place to live, work, study and invest in.

  • ni2012 our time, our place, our story Reviewni2012: our time, our place will go down in history as the year the Northern Ireland government, tourism industry, stakeholders and NITB pulled together like never before - with inspiring results. And now it's 'our time' to look back at how we did - and look forward to where we're going .

Key achievements of ni2012

• ni2012: our time our place has proven that we can stage world-class events, from MTV to Titanic Belfast Festival to the Irish Open.

• Many of the big events encouraged a strong sense of civic pride and generated enormous PR value for Northern Ireland. The target figure of 50% increase in civic pride has been far exceeded with all events exceeding 90%.

• In delivering these events we’ve shown that stakeholders can work together in partnership, from government departments and local authorities to commercial organisations and volunteers. We can pull together and achieve when it counts.

• ni2012 demonstrated the importance of developing a strong brand that partners, stakeholders and industry can buy into.  NITB developed a flexible brand that was shared and adaptable, and therefore encouraged industry to use it, and also develop new products to build on opportunities.

• ni2012 created a volunteering legacy, with a growing bank of skilled and enthusiastic volunteers assisting with events such as the Irish Open. 2012 delivered excellent opportunities for people to up-skill through volunteering and these ambassadors will be an excellent asset in 2013 at the World Police and Fire Games and City of Culture events.

What happened in 2012?

Titanic Belfast Festival 2012 – Marking the centenary of Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage and the opening of the £97m Titanic Belfast, the Festival featured up to 120 different events. Highlights included the awesome Titanic Digital Projection Light Show and MTV presents Titanic Sounds featuring stars such as Ollie Murs and Pixie Lott.

Peace One Day concert – Held at the iconic new event space at the historic Ebrington Square, the Peace One Day concert marked the opening of the London 2012 Festival. The concert featured some fantastic acts such as Pixie Lott, Imelda May, The Guillemots, Ellie Goulding, Newton Faulkner and local Derry band Wonder Villains.

Irish Open - The Irish Open was hailed as one of the most successful events ever staged in Northern Ireland. More than 130,000 people travelled to the North Coast for the competition which culminated on the Sunday with Welshman Jamie Donaldson crowned champion. It was the first Irish Open to be held in Northern Ireland since 1953 and was such a success that tickets for the event had fully sold out, with the European Tour having to close sales for the first time in its history.

Clipper Homecoming Festival – The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race arrived home on its homecoming leg after sailing more than 40,000 ocean miles around the world. Over 100,000 people came to Derry to give a ‘legenderry’ welcome to all those who took part.  The event included a programme of activities and maritime themed attractions and sights, including marine taster sessions, a Flavours of the Foyle Seafood Festival, a marine environment zone with visiting boats, Zapcats micro powerboats display, a marine heritage zone, sizzling musical entertainment and creative family events every day, fireworks and much, much more!

Land of Giants - Land of Giants presented a unique tale on an epic scale to an audience of 18,000 on Belfast’s newest events space, the Titanic Slipways.  Land of Giants was billed as the largest outdoor arts event ever seen in Northern Ireland involving a cast and crew of over 500 people. This ambitious event combined acrobatics, aerial dance, physical performance, music, special effects and pyrotechnics into a one-off spectacular show.

Peace Camp – Peace camp saw the Northern Ireland coastline being enhanced and highlighted with a series of illuminated tents, a poignant exploration of love poetry and a celebration of the extraordinary variety and beauty of our coastline.

FLAGS – Flags was an installation by German artist Hans Peter Kuhn, embedded in the dramatic landscape of the Giant’s Causeway. Drawing on the natural power of the elements, a series of flags randomly positioned along the banks of the cliff face rotated freely in the wind, creating a flickering pattern of yellow and red set against the backdrop of the spectacular landscape.

50th Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s – The 50th Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s took the city by storm with 17 days of performance-packed, cultural opportunities with dance, theatre, comedy, visual arts, films, gigs galore and more.

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