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The corporate governance of NITB is subject to specific rules and procedures as detailed in the Management Statement and Financial Memorandum.  This has been drawn up by DETI in consultation with NITB and with the approval of the Department of Finance and Personnel.


NITB is a non-departmental public body of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI).  NITB was established under the Development of Tourist Traffic Act (NI) 1948 and its constitution and continuation were affirmed by the Tourism (NI) Order 1992.  DETI determines the strategic framework within which NITB’s objectives and targets are set.  These objectives, targets and performance measures are set out in NITB’s Corporate Plan and ­Operating Plan.

The DETI Minister

The DETI Minister is accountable to the Assembly for the activities and performance of NITB.  The Minister’s responsibilities include approving NITB’s strategic objectives and the policy and performance framework within which NITB will operate.  The Minister also keeps the Northern Ireland Assembly informed of NITB’s performance.

NITB Chairman and Board

The Chairman and Board members are appointed for a period of three years by the DETI Minister in accordance with the Code of Practice issued by the Commissioner for Public Appointments for Northern Ireland. The Chairman and the board aim to ensure NITB fulfils the aims and objectives set by the Department, that NITB’s policies and actions support the wider strategic policies of the Minister, and that NITB operates with probity.

NITB Chief Executive

As the Accounting Officer of NITB the Chief Executive is responsible for safeguarding public funds, ensuring propriety and regularity in handling of those public funds, and for the operational management of NITB.  The Chief Executive’s role includes specific responsibilities in relation to planning and monitoring, on advising the NITB Board, on managing risk and resources, and in accounting for NITB’s activities.  

Additional Accountability

NITB is subject to an annual audit undertaken by the Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO).  A copy of the Certificate and Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General to the Northern Ireland Assembly is included in NITB’s Annual Report. The NIAO also produces an Annual Report to those charged with governance of NITB and its subsidiaries pertaining to the audit of the accounts – the results of audit work and any recommendations for action.

Enterprise, Trade & Investment (ETI) Committee:

 The committee was established to advise and assist the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment on matters within their responsibility as a Minister. The committee undertakes a scrutiny, policy development and consultation role with respect to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and plays a key role in the consideration and development of legislation.

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 NITB Pay Scales

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